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"Social Media is about making conversations in communities. Internet Marketing is about getting to know what netizens are wanting, and to deliver. Web Analytics measures and reports how good you are doing them."

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Key Difference Among Social Analytics Tools

There are hundreds social analytics tools around nowadays. They are all capable to do what you are requesting. Of...

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US$125 per user Facebook 2012 IPO Valuation

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, delivered a speech to the ANA on Oct. 22, 2011. She quoted Nielsen figures that...

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Choosing your social networks and a tool to manage them

There are plenty of free or fee based social media management tools around. We have studied quite a few of them. They...

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Enticing e-retailers to start an affiliates program

Original question on LinkedIn: Enticing e-retailers to start an affiliates program I have a website which refers...

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2 Ways to Start Your Social Media Marketing

Original question from Quora: Where should newbies to online social networking make a start? If their longer...

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Social networks for business

People have been asking what are the other social media networks beside Twitter and Facebook worth using to promote a...

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